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Go Out & Get Clients


May 2021

Just as the title says, “customers won’t just walk into your store.” I’m not quite sure why most new start-up entrepreneurs seem to think a great idea is all they need to make their company a success. Well, unfortunately its not that easy. You can have a great product, but if no one knows about it, it’s as good as dead. And just because you have a great looking shop where there is a lot of traffic doesn’t mean your store will stay open in the near future. The hard truth is that it takes more than this, hence strategy is King.

A good, well-thought of marketing campaign is key to getting your product out there. One question that you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur is why customers should buy from me and not my competition. More often than not your competition is well established with a huge marketing budget, which most start-ups don’t have. After the title of the article has sunk in, the next question you should as yourself is how do I get customers, and more importantly customers that produce more customers. Developing a customer acquisition strategy ensures you have recurring revenue in your business. To stand out in a market saturated with brands that come in all shapes and sizes you have to think differently.

First things first, who is your customer? You need to know who your customer is and how they behave day to day. Where do they live, what car do they drive if they have one, how many kids do they have, are they a student or a working class citizen, which class do they fall under, how much do they earn, where do they live, what clothing brands do they like to wear, where do they like to spend their free time, what’s the size of their house/apartment and so on and so on.


Its important to narrow down your customers and describe them in detail. This will help you focus your marketing efforts where you will get the most return on investment. And on top of that this will help you position your store where it will be easy for your potential customers to find you. Ask yourself why do your customers do what they do, what drives them to do what they do. Once you’ve figured it out, you can use this to sell more to your customers, because what drives them is what you use to sell to them.

Brands need to be distinctive, they need to live in the minds of their consumers. That’s what causes a brand to be successful. It must deliver a distinctive benefit, they must take the consumer on an emotional journey where the senses are evoked giving a full emotional experience. Creating brand loyalty means causing the consumer to evoke feelings of admiration, relationship, support, relatability, a sense of ones own identity, as a family member. This in turn yields a perceived brand that a consumer can expound on without having to re-think what the brand stands for, it has become second nature to know the brand and its facets.


Play around with strategies and see what works, a great way to come up with good ideas is to build case studies of other brands. Figure out what they did right and how they did, then adapt it to your brand but tweaking the idea to suit your brand. Create a unique way of consuming a product, make that process into a ritual.







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