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Brand Management Branding is the art of connecting your consumer to your brand. It’s through this connection that a company’s identity and image is built on. Investing in brand development is putting your money to work where it will bring back the best returns. A company’s brand includes logos, graphics, touch points, signage, corporate identity, uniform, design layouts, packaging, font choices, marketing activities, customer service, website design, social media content etc. WE ASSIST YOU CREATE A MEMORABLE BRAND

In brand management we help you to achieve brand consistency, hence your brand identity and its  characteristics are evident in all areas of the businesses operations.


Brand Management often entails continuously communicating with your customers. Marketing events can be a great way of maintaining a presence with your customer, from expos, product launches, conferences, fund-raisers, sporting events, business breakfasts to seminars.

Why create a company brand:

Brief parameters:



  1. Creates a cohesive and unified impression
  2. To form a professional and organized structure
  3. To streamline marketing efforts
  4. To create an easily recognizable brand
  5. Increase sales and profit
  6. Connect with customers
  7. Draw in the right clients
  8. Make your brand stand out
  9. To tell a story that inspires


  1. Does idea match brand values?
  2. Can it be completed in the given time?
  3. Is it really original, unique and unmistakably yours?
  4. Is it within budget?
  5. Does it meet the needs of the target market?
  6. Does it fit with the aims of our long term strategy?
  7. Is it easy to understand
  8. Does it add value or possible uses
  9. Does it engage the competition?
  10. Is it workable?


  1. How will the idea look from the perspective of the client
  2. How will the idea look from the perspective of the target group
  3. What is its value in relation to the product
  4. What is its value in relation to the competition
  5. What does it mean from the perspective of the creative team
  6. What impact will it have on the brand



1. What product are you selling?


What product are you selling? How big is the product (dimensions)? What are your brand's colours? At what price are you selling your product? is it a premium product? Is it a standard product? What is the product made of? Is it glass, liquid, fabric, plastic, etc?


This helps us decide what kind of packaging would be best suited for your product especially for ease of transportation. We also get to understand how luxurious or simple your product's packaging should be. Glass requires product packaging that will keep it secure and intact, hence its important to know the kind of product you would like us to package.

2. What demographic is buying your product?


Who is your customer? is the product used by men or by women or both? Is it used by adults or by children? Are your products being sold to environmentally conscious consumers? Are you consumers in the lower class, middle class or upper class?


This helps us figure out how luxurious, utilitarian, or simple the packaging needs to be. The product needs to appeal to the targeted consumer. Clients who spend R4000 on a product will expect the packaging to look luxurious and opulent. A product that costs a million needs to like a million Rands. A product that sells for R40 can only spend so much on the packaging, hence the cost of the packaging needs to be as minimal as possible.

3. How are your consumers buying your products


Are your consumers buying your product online or at a retail store?


If your product needs to be shipped from an online purchase, it will need to be well protected and secured for courier/delivery especially if its glass. If your product is sold in a large grocery store it needs to stand, this will affect how the product is designed.

4. Budget & costs

How much can you afford to spend on packaging per product? Do you need inner packaging o router packaging or both?


This affects how much you can spend on all you packaging. Do your packaging requirements need a stamp to be made? Do you need the original designs of the packaging handed over to you? Do you need printing setup for screen printing?

NB: We have minimum quantities for each kind of packaging.

Inner Packaging

Outer Packaging







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