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The power of broadcast media Broadcast media can be a great asset in your companies marketing mix. We distribute print, video and audio content to a large audience, using television, radio, newspaper, magazines and digital media. Using broadcast media enables us to give your brand the impression of a good repertoire and it makes consumers more comfortable with your brand.


The types of broadcast media we do:




TV works, and here’s why: it’s the most powerful advertising medium available, people decide which products and services they want based on what they see on television and everybody is watching.


Prime time TV runs between 7pm and 10pm or 8pm and 11 pm, it has the largest viewing audiences of the day. Audiences pay more attention to ads in prime time, so we make every second count. We at Colour Flutter bring the power of TV to your brand by making it more targeted. No matter the size of your company, we'll create a TV solution for you.

YouTube & Social Media


For a certain generation, YouTube is their TV.

We make your brand a publisher, converting subscribers and bringing back repeat viewers, deciding whether your brand should entertain or inform. If consumers are gravitating to How-to videos on YouTube in a particular category, then we deliver how- to videos.


YouTube requires unique tactics, like annotations and thumbnails within videos that drive users to subscribe. Subscribers keep coming back, and they are the ones that share the most, those are the ones you want.



So why radio, 96% of those who have driven or ridden in a car in the past month have used the radio.


Radio is intimate, its people talking to people.

Its intrusive, radio follows people wherever they go and influences them as they live their busy lives.

Prime time is when the workers go to work and come back from work


Benefits of using video


1. Showcase your brand in a visually stimulating way

2. Entertaining and informative

3. Effective way of communicating

4. Energizes your audience

Colour Flutter

A video we edited for Xylem Health

Photography QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTS WHAT YOUR BUSINESS DOES BEST Professional photos show off how organized and professional your company is. The cost of bad images can harm your company’s reputation and image, making your company look like a ‘fly-by-night’. It can be tempting to used low quality images because you are saving on costs, but if you want your company to survive and thrive in the long term professional photography is an investment we'd like to make into your brand.







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