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We think marketing services should be easily accessible and affordable, so we are meeting you halfway in helping your business look better and gain exposure through our marketing products

These are our standard prices to give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend on various products and services, for more tailored products and services get in touch with us.

Customer Demographics

Everyone CANNOT be your customer!

At Colour Flutter we help you identify where your customers live, work, and play. If you don't know where your customers can be found how do you know where to market to them?


We offer services that assist you in identifying and understanding who your customer is, by narrowing down what your customer looks like based on the products and services you offer. In short, we help you triangulate.


Our customer demographics include but not limited to; location, age, gender, household income, education, marriage status, type of car, race, ethnicity, body weight, dress code, lifestyle, home ownership, psychographic factors (culture, beliefs, values, goals, hobbies/personality), etc. This information helps your company create targeted adverts and marketing campaigns.

We charge

R1500 per 2 hours

Product Design & Photography
People buy with their eyes Because of this, it's important to make sure the images that make up your brand are eye catching, vibrant and of impeccable quality. Beautiful pictures tell your potential consumers that you are a reputable business/brand to deal with, and you're not a fly by night. They give your business a confidence boost that can be the deciding factor in whether a person buys from you or not.

Photography: R300 per product, minimum of 5 products. For less than 5 products contact us for a tailored rate.


Photography: R650 per hour for fashion photography, excludes cost of travelling to location.


Product Design: cost varies from product to product, starting cost is R1500 with sample(s). Email for tailored quote.


Website Design

1-2 page website

Hosting, Domain Registration for one year, & unlimited emails.


3-5 page website

Hosting, Domain Registration for one year, & unlimited emails.


6-10 page website

Hosting, Domain Registration for one year, & unlimited emails.


E-commerce website

Domain Registration for one year

Mobile website included. t's & c's apply, from


Mobile Website:

Adding a mobile website for phone browsers is an additional.


Email Marketing

Cost Per Month


  1. Designing 30 emails (daily): R3000
  2. Designing 8 emails (bi-weekly): R840
  3. Designing 4 emails (once a week): R460


* A setup fee of R299 applies

* Cost includes sending emails and reporting

* If email list is higher than 500 contacts, a monthly subscription applies.

* We use BenchMark for email marketing campaigns


Afryea Round Box

21cm x 12cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units


Aluna Folding Box (A)

21cm x 30cm x 9,5cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units


Aluna Folding Box (B)

17,3cm x 24cm x 7cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units. Black colour box is cheaper


Nala Gift Box

21cm x 30cm x 11,5cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units


Aisha Rectangular Gift Box

28cm x 19cm x 14cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units


Thandi Rose Ring Box

18cm x 18cm x 18cm

Includes everlasting rose

*A real rose that has been reserved that does not die.

NB: Minimum quantity is 1 unit


Kenya Gift Box

21cm x 30cm x 9,5cm

NB: Minimum quantity is 10 units


*Price includes custom logo, ribbon, and custom colour according to the colours we have available.

*Prices may be subject to change, please inquire before making payment.

Promo Videos

For a 5-20 second promo video video

from R899

For a 20-60 second promo video video

from R1699

Logo Reveal

from R499

Social Media

Instagram Cost Per Month


  1. Designing 30 posts (daily): R2500
  2. Designing 15 posts (every 2 days): R1350
  3. Designing 8 posts (bi-weekly): R720
  4. Instagram feed layout: R250
  5. Designing 1 Instagram story: R100


*The R3000 fee includes designing your instagram feed layout.

* A setup fee of R299 applies.

* Cost excludes managing social media account (i.e. posting, running advertising camaigns, responding to comments, etc)







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